Strategic Priority #1: Graduate Post-secondary Competitive Students
Strategic Priority #2: Recruit and retain 21st Century Professionals
Strategic Priority #3: Healthy, Responsible and Engaged Students
Strategic Priority #4: Innovative Leadership
Strategic Priority #5: 21st Century Systems and Compelling Learning Environments


Gooding Jt. School District #231
Board of Trustees Meeting Agenda
October 9, 2012
Administration Offices
507 Idaho Street


7:00 - Regular Board Meeting - Call to order

  1. Consent Agenda (action item)
    • Roll Call
      • Waive the reading of the minutes of the previous board meeting as submitted to each board member.
      • This meeting may be taped in its entirety for the record.
      • The board may vote to go into executive session at any time during the meeting.
    • approval of previous minutes (Strategic Priority ALL)
    • approval of the bills (Strategic Priority ALL)
    • Facility Use Requests (Strategic Priority #5)
    • Out of State Travel Requests (Strategic Priority #2 or #3)
    • Field Trip Requests (Strategic Priority #3)
    • Fundraiser Requests  (Strategic Priority #5)
    • Personnel (Strategic Priority #2)
      • Resignations – Dee Clark (Title I paraprofessional)
      • Transfers  -  Nancy Storey (ISEE Data Specialist/ Dist. Secretary) and Melissa Garza (Title I paraprofessional)
      • New Hires –  Pollyana Paules (FT Special Ed Paraprofessional); Magda Aguilar-Campos (Child Nutrition/Migrant), Friday School Staff, Janet Dotson (GEAR Up Coordinator), Simon Madera (Custodial/Maintenance),  Maria Ferrusco (ESL paraprofessional)
    • Approval of the agenda (Strategic Priority ALL)
  1. Announcements for the good of the order/Communications (Strategic Priority #4)
  2. Scheduled Visitors/Hearings
    • GEA (Strategic Priority #2)
  3. Reports (Strategic Priority ALL)
  4. Unfinished Business
  1. New Business
    • Idaho School Boards Association (Strategic Priority #4)
  2. Public Comment (Strategic Priority #4)
  3. Executive Session: Idaho Code 67-2345
  4. Future Agenda Items:
    • Next Regular Meeting:  November ??, 2012
  5. Other Important Dates :   ISBA Fall Conference October 11, 2012
  6. see website for up to date activities and calendar
  7. Adjournment