Gooding Jt. School District #231

Board of Trustees Meeting Agenda

June 8, 2010 at 7:00 p.m.

1050 7th Ave West


7:00 - Regular Board Meeting

  1.  Call to order
    • Waive the reading of the minutes of the previous board meeting as submitted to each board member.
    • This meeting may be taped in its entirety for the record.
    • The board may vote to go into executive session at any time during the meeting.
  2. Roll Call 
  3. Consent Agenda (action item) 
    • Approval of previous minutes
    • Approval of the bills                                    
    • Personnel
      • Resignations –
      • Transfers  - none
      • New Hires – 
    • Approval of phone vote held on 5/24/2010 regarding sanctioning of Senior Party for insurance needs – Sliman: no; Bryant: yes; Rogers: no; Anderson: yes; and Wartluft: no
  4. Approval of the agenda
  5. Announcements for the good of the order
  6. Communications 
  7. Scheduled Hearings
  8. Reports
  9. Unfinished Business
  10. New Business  
    • RFP for facility repairs
    • Approval of Handbooks
    • Schedule hearing to raise elementary and middle school student fees
    • Schedule hearing to increase costs of annuals at high school
    • Approval of job descriptions for classified staff
    • Out of state of travel request
    • Schedule hearing to increase costs of annuals at middle school.
    • Schedule hearing to increase towel fee at middle school
    • Classified Salary schedule
    • Schedule meeting with City of Gooding and Gooding Recreation District to discuss land north of GHS and joint powers of agreement and future plans
    • Schedule work session for strategic planning and policy review
  11. Public Comment
  12. Executive Session
  13. Future Agenda Items:
    • Bank Bid RFP Award (Special Meeting needed in June)
    • Audit Bid RFP Award (Special Meeting needed in June)
    • Strategic Planning Recommendations
    • Policy Series 4000 – Community Relations 
  14. Next meeting:  July 13, 2010
  15. Other Important Dates :  see website for up to date activities and calendar
  16. Adjournment