Title IIA - Teacher Quality


Title II Part A

Teacher and Administrator Quality

The fundamental purpose of the Title II Section is to ensure learning experiences and support services are provided for educators that promote quality instruction for student learning. The ultimate goal is increased student academic learning and achievement. The section operates on the principles of high quality professional development through close connections and partnerships with other federal and state programs and initiatives for teachers, paraeducators and administrators.

The Title II Part A program of ESEA’s No Child Left Behind (NCLB) Act of 2001 is the cornerstone of the section. This federal program provides funds to school districts to promote teacher and principal quality through strategies such as high quality professional development in core subject areas and development of mechanisms and initiatives to promote the retention and hiring of highly qualified teachers and principals, including class size reduction.

Title II contains funding for teacher and administrator training and recruitment efforts. Title II monies are designed to rectify the problems of large numbers of students being taught by teachers with inadequate content knowledge and preparation in the subjects they are teaching.

Title II replaces the old Eisenhower Professional Development Program. Title II also replaces the old Class Size Reduction Program (CSR) aimed at class size reduction, teacher and principal training and recruitment. While certain elements of these two programs are still in the new Title II, the current Title is much broader and is tied to the teacher quality mandates of NCLB.