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In an effort to keep students in school, face coverings will be required of all Gooding School District staff beginning on 10/27/2020. Face masks will be required of all students 3rd through 12th grade beginning 10/27/2020. Masks are available at the schools. Please remember that if students or staff are showing symptoms or running a fever they are asked to stay home.

The district is short bus drivers due to COVID, because of this bus routes #3 and #14 will pick students up approximately one hour later in the morning beginning tomorrow 10/27/20 until further notice. Students on busses # 3 and #14 will be dropped off approximately 30 minutes later than normal drop off time beginning tomorrow 10/27/20 until further notice. If your child rides bus #3 or #14 you are welcome to transport them to school.

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Mission Statement

Gooding Schools' mission, in partnership with the community, is to provide education opportunities for students to develop their full potential as life-long learners and contributing citizens

Superintendent's Message

    Welcome to Gooding Joint. School District. What makes this district great? The students, employees, parents and community members. The district has many extra-curricular activites for students and we want to see them involved. Several dual credit opportunities exist for students and we are adding more each year. In fact, more students have enrolled in, and earned credit in, dual credit courses than ever before. We continually strive to hire the best staff possible and they are a pleasure to work with.

    Thank you to everyone who has supported our schools and programs. As a parent and/or community member, please help us make this district even better. Take time and get to know the teachers and staff; become involved in the schools and district. With everyone working together we can accomplish even more!

507 Idaho St Gooding, ID 83330
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