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Dear Parents/Guardians, Patrons, and Students of Gooding Middle School:


It is already the last week of September and we are four weeks away from our midterm marking period. Student Led Conferences are on Sept. 24th and 25th.  Appointment letters will be coming home soon!


It has been a great start to the school year and we want everyone to be informed about the strides we are taking to make every student successful at GMS:


 Advisory classes are taking care to monitor to help strategize successful habits for earning great grades and friendships at school. For Student-Led Conferences, students’ advisory teachers will be arranging for meeting times and to help students with starter the conversations during the conferences.


 Teachers are using a progress monitoring system in order to carefully assess each student’s growth in math and English Language Arts. Students are using a learning platform called Istation, which is the same platform that the elementary school is using, so that we can have consistent data points k-8th grades.


 Growth Mindset is a philosophy that teaches that we are all in the process of growing and improving, and just because we are not perfect, or are not even really good at something…yet… we can and will work to reach the goals that we’ve set. With the Growth Mindset, we don’t set limits but we push boundaries and teach that we can cultivate strengths – problem solving, questioning, patience – through intentional practice.  As a school, we plan to help each and every child become the very best version of themselves.


These are just a few of our projects this school year.  We welcome input and insights, and invite you to come to school and experience the “GMS Learning Experience.” 


We are GMS – “Teaching to Make a Difference!”



Janet Williamson

Principal, Gooding Middle School